Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to integrate ICEfaces with WTP?

Ok. After almost a week of attempts to integrate ICEFaces v.1.6.2 with WTP (Eurora based on Eclipse 3.3) i still succeeded. The steps which have been described were not correct. The correct steps (at least for me) are:
1. As usual, Java 2 EE 5/6;
2. Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers - Eurora 3.3.1
3. ICEFaces - ICEfaces-Eclipse-IDE-v3.0.0.zip and ICEfaces-1.6.2-libs-Eclipse.zip
4. Unzip all files from step 3.
5. In the Eclipse, go to Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install
6. In the Features Updates check Search for new features to install
7. Click Next
8. In the Update sites to visit check Eurora site
9. Click Finish
10.Check all relevant updates and install
11. Repeat the step 5 - 7
12. Click New Local Site...
13. Select the directory where has been unzipped ICEFaces
14. Click OK
15. Select this location in the sites to include in search
16. Click Finish
17. Install the ICEfaces
So it's all.
Now you are able to use these faces into your project.

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